Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

This week I am actually on top of things enough to do the Friday Phone Dump on Friday!
1.Last week we took off mid-week for a few days to visit some of Jon's family...that meant to 4+ car ride!
 2. I love Jon's whiskers in this picture...he let me braid the whiskers in 3 little braids...he said I pull quite hard when braiding facial hair...but he is brave and says I can try it again now that the braids have fallen out!
 3. I get bored when phone keeps me busy!
 4. While we were gone we bought a couple big bags of Apples from an Orchard so we could make applesauce and pie filling. The kids enjoyed snacking on Apples on the ride home!
 5. Beautiful scenery on our way to visit Jon's grandma...
 6. This was a "good night" picture we text to the aunties while we were away. If you look closely it is a picture of both the kids with me...James just moves too darn fast for a phone camera!
 7. Eating french fries at McDonalds while visiting with Jon's dad.
 8. Waiting at the Clinic in town for Jon to have the stitches removed from his knee and be given the "okay" to go back to work.
 8. The Mall of America...need I say more? Elsie was told to choose which she would rather do, the MOA or the zoo...she needed no time to was the MOA! She has been begging for almost a year to go here. Crazy, I know...she is only 3! {well, 4 in 2 months!}
 9. The main reason for her desire to go the MOA is the America Girl store! She drooled over everything in the store...a little girl's dream store...
 10. Not to long ago Elsie said that every girl needs a little sparkle...and I when I saw this purple sparkle shirt I had to have it! {and hey, it was only $3 at Goodwill!}
 11. My girl and me...I noticed there are no pictures of James on here...except the super blurry one! He really is far to fast for the phone take more pictures of James with the phone will be my challenge for next week!
This week I am linking up with Life Rearranged for the first time!
life rearranged


I'm Holly said...

Your first photo is great, very artistic.

The Morris Family said...

I think i would love to go to that MOA!!!! wish one was near us!!!

Mindy said...

Love the first pic as well. What app are you using? Is it instagram?

Stopping by from Life Rearranged :)

Kennagurl said...

Great pics !!Looks like a fun road trip.

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