Thursday, September 8, 2011

Embrace the Camera {Date Night}

A few weeks ago Jon and I went on a date help a family friend celebrate his 21st Birthday! I honestly cannot even remember when the last time Jon and I went on an true date...and it was so nice! My mom volunteered to watch the kids for us. {Thanks, mom!} 
 Jon, being a money wise guy that he is...figured it was cheaper to buy a whole pitcher of beer at once rather than several smaller cups! Funny thing is that after he bought it he realized no one could help him drink sisters are not 21 and I am celiac...but don't worry, Jon did a good job of finishing it off by himself!
 A perfectly fun night...a live band outside, perfect weather, lots of laughter...
 We all had a blast...going to the bar is so not my thing...but this was fun! We had a blast...until the birthday boy was told by the owner it was time to leave...we laughed...a good story to tell...getting thrown out of the bar on your 21st Birthday!
 Jon had instructions to hold his eyes open so we could have a good pictures of the two of us...he did! I swear, we have never had any perfectly nice pictures taken of us...Jon is such a dork in every picture!
 It was a fun night...a night to remember.
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carla said...

fun memories! i've heard all the stories and it sounds like y'all had a great time...some maybe a little more fun than others, haha!

Anonymous said...

needed more beer

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