Thursday, September 22, 2011

Embrace the Camera {New Habits}

When School started it meant no change for us other than seeing the kids run to the window at 3:20 everyday to count the kids getting off the bus. {for some reason watching the neighbor kids get off the bus is a huge deal around here!} However it did mean that the aunties and Uncle Colter would be doing school so our almost daily spontaneous visits needed to come to a halt. So I decided that we needed to get some new habits.

 Our new habits consist of a deep fall cleaning of the house. James taking naps with no car rides. No more nursing for James...sad! Doing Hooked on Phonics and letter sheets with Elsie during James nap time. A little more baking/cooking than we did all summer. Doing my stretches daily on the ball! Being a little more creative...not just pinning on Pinterest but actually doing! Folding the laundry. {my least favorite thing!} Bedtime prayers. So far, so good. I feel happy with myself. At the beginning of the week I make a list of all the little things we want to get done...and so far I am proud to say the lists have been getting done! {Except going to the laundromat with things that won't fit in my washer...freaks me out to have to go there me crazy!} So for today, all is well. I feel on top of things...but I know that can change in an instant!! 
*I am wearing Elsie's glasses...this is a super dorky of those so dorky pictures, I simply have to share it!
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