Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After the kids grew tired of fishing we walked over to the beach...well actually Lisa and all the kids walked over to the beach while I drove Jon over and Papa Wayne and Colter picked up from fishing. The water was cold...very cold! The August weather was not nearly as nice as it normally is. So, the kids mostly just played on the beach making sand castles.
 Jon found a bench and watched the kids play...and played on his phone.
 I think he was busy on much as he complains about Facebook he is on it all the time!
 Oliver was the only one not at all scared off by the cold temperature of the water! That boy just plowed right through the water...I am sure he would have just kept on walking way out deep had it not been for Auntie Marissa! I think he loved the lake. I love his hair...he has the best wild hair ever!
 It was getting close to nap time for James...he played for awhile then crawled up in his stroller to take it easy.
 Every time I dump out our bag of beach toys interesting things fall an old french fry container from McDonald's. Keeps the kids happy so we just go with it. We were just to the beach for the last time last weekend...wonder what is in the beach bag this time!? I am scarred to look!

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