Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot Air Balloon...

Several weeks ago all my sisters met my children and I at the local park for Music in the Park we were parking the car we discovered a giant hot air balloon! How often do you see a giant hot air balloon floating in the sky at a small town park!?
My sisters Lisa and Marissa joined me for a little ride in the Balloon...I tried talking Elsie into going in the Balloon with me...but after seeing the "fire" inside to keep the balloon floating (or whatever it does) there was no way she would go on a ride! She assures me that next year she will be older and will go on a ride then!

It was just a short ride, barely as high as the tree tops! But it was fun...and now we can say we have been in a Hot Air Balloon! I can add this to my list of other fun rides...helicopter, hovercraft, parasail...and soon ski-driving (fingers crossed!)

A fun evening...after the ride my sisters and I enjoyed listening to the music...the kids had a blast playing at the all around perfect evening. As we were walking to the car Elsie and Auntie Emma had the brilliant idea of a sleep a quick phone call to Grammie to run the plans past her...she said Okay...very happy kids! A hot air balloon, music and park time...and a about a perfect evening!!

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carla said...

ski driving??! i think you mean sky diving! hahaha - you're too funny!

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