Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Broccoli Infused Water...

That is right...my boy has a thing for Broccoli infused water...well really more like "Anything Infused Water"!
At every meal James takes a little of his food and plops it in his water glass...not sure what the reason is! Quite often he gets confused as to where to lay his silverware when he needs a drink of water so he sticks them in his water glass before taking a drink!

Sometimes he takes a piece of food, dips it in the ketchup then in his water glass then he eats it! He has quite a little system down! Elsie is completely grossed out by her brothers unique eating habits...and I really don't blame her! And it seems the more dramatic Elsie and I act grossed out the more James giggles and sticks even more food in the water cup!

Yum, yum! So...if you hungry and in the mood for a fancy drink...just stick some food in your water and enjoy!

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