Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Photo Dump...

Oof da...this is a lot of pictures here...and basically there is no real relevance to these pictures! This week I downloaded some fun new things on my phone...a new camera called "little Photo" that has the coolest filters to put on a picture! And I am not a registed user at Picplz...which is the Android equilivant to Instagram I thing...if anyone reads this and uses Picplz please let me know...I am just a little confused by it!
Anyhow...our regualr morning meal...pancakes, butter and syrup...
Elsie doing a little art work project using a tube of my lipstick! Would have nice if she asked first...but she didn' least it was tube of lipstick I never wear and not my new rediculously piriced $8 (on sale!) lipstick! In case you are wondering...lipstick does not dry...the picture is still on the counter and every time I touch it my hands get covered in lipstick!

Cupcakes for Grammie's birthday! Ceara did the frosting part and Elsie, Marissa and Emma added the sprinkles! yum...

My new set of 6 fancy cups! Bought at a garage sale for $ we already had a tumbler and 2 wine gobblets that match! I love this set because the glass is nice and heavy...perfect for little kids who drop things! (and husbands too!)

I took the kids to the mall last weekend...Clairs was having a sale. Elsie found thses adorable red glasses...and she couldn't live without them! They were on they came home with us. She loves them and wears them quite often! She looks so darn cute! I had red specticals when I was little...but mine didn't have fancy reinstones!

Barbies...somedays the bedroom is over run by a sea of barbies.

Glitter! I love glitter! Not so much when it is embedded in the carpeting...but I really do love glitter! We are going to make a "Mind Jar" following the directions I found on pinterest. Should be fun!

More glasses...just because they make her look so darn cute! The next day she wore them to church even!

On Friday evening the kids and I went to the fair in time!

Zac Efron and my sister's boyfriend...I really think they are the same person...Zac Efron is only pretending to be "Ryan" while taking a break from acting. They do look rediculously alike, don't ya thing!? I also have to point out that I mostly call Zac Efron "Troy Bolton" because my daughter love High School Musical so I see those charecters as real people!

Our little town now has a RED BOX!! Jon and I are so excited and rent far to many movies now! This will come in very handy for the next few weeks when Jon is home having knee surgery!

I bit the bullet and just started hanging pictures on the wall in the living room. I have a serious adversion to hanging things on walls...I would rather wait for someone else to come do it for me. But I did this all by myself...and I rather love it!

Last one...Elsie and I put rag curlers in our hair one night! Such a fun girly thing to do! We woke up with a head full of perfect curls...

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