Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Man...

I think I have mentioned before that my little guy is quite the climber...I think we have brought him to watch Daddy climb towers one to many times! Climbing is a slight obsession with James...I don't even think he realises he is doing it! My dream is to have a climbing wall in the lovely would that be!?
James is a pro at climbing on chairs, the couch, the rocker, his sister's bed...he is now learning how to climb up the drawers in the kitchen! He hooks his toes on the knob and pulls himself up...he has already broken one of the drawer fronts off the drawer...lovely! I have also found him climbing the shelves in the pantry...not a safe thing to do at all! We keep the microwave on a shelf in the pantry and I am afraid he will pull it down on top of himself! The other dangerous thing he is learning to climb is the stove...he hooks his feet on the ledge of the drawer and pulls himself he pulls his body up his feet climb the side of the stove...he looks like an animal of some kind! Climbing the stove is extremely dangerous for him...his little hands get far, far to close the the burners...and with an electric stove it is just not safe! When I find him climbing the stove he is rewarded with a little swat on the bumper to teach him to stay down. Jon's weekend project is to fix the stove guard!
With James around I have no fear of ever being bored! Thanks, James for keeping your Mama busy!

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