Monday, January 24, 2011

Growing Boy...

James has a new snack food to love...Rice Krispies! James gets so excited when we put a little handful of Rice Krispies down on his tray...he kicks his little legs and gives us huge smiles! He then devours them all up...and he seems to get everywhere...stuck all over his face, fingers and the floor! I cannot wait until all those teeth (5 already!) come all the way in so we can give him some Perky O's...much easier to pick up than the little tiny Rice Krispies!
Last week James has his 6 month well baby check...and he is a big boy! He is now 20lbs and about 27" long...the 85th and 88th percentile...he has come a long ways from that little 6 lbs baby!

6 months has been a month full of discovery and milestones for James...he has learned to crawl, sit up unassisted and now get into a sitting up position from a crawling position! He is crawling and getting into everything now...sometimes it is a bit scary! He likes to crawl over to his sister's bedside table and put both his hands up on the top...I sincerely hope he will wait a good long time before figuring out how to pull himself up on things!

Everyday I think we see more and more of his personality emerge...he is getting a sense of humor...he laughs at his sister all the time! And he loves rough play with his sister...sometimes they "wrestle" on the floor and he loves it...giggling the whole time! Such a fun little guy!Besides his sister his other love is for food! He is a very good eater and loves it all...every time I give him a new food I keep the camera close by for the classic picture of tasting something new...but he just gobbles everything up like he has had it for years! He has quite a pallate so far, Applesause, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Avocados and Pears...but his favorites are still his mum-mum crackers and those Rice Krispies!

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