Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Mother...

Our camera lens broke last first it was just stuck at 55mm...then something broke on the inside making it entirely un-usable! We use the camera is not unusual to take 50 pix in just one not having my camera to grab several times a day is driving me crazy! So until the new lens arrives...sometime before the 1st of Feb!...I must be contented to use the Droid and Jon's Nikon point and-shoot...which I hate with a passion! The pictures in this post were taken with the Droid...using the Retro Camera that app!
Elsie has always been so good with keeping herself entertained...she will play for hours on end with her doll and stroller...and few good glasses, fancy shoes and jewelery...and always a cell phone because a girl just has to make a call or two!
This is such a common site at our house...Elsie playing house! Elsie tells me everyday that she is going to a mommy when she grows up...a mommy with 7 or 13 children! I hope her dreams come true...nothing is better than being a mommy! And I wouldn't mind having 7 or 13 grandchildren one bit!

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carla said...

yay elsie!! it warms my heart to hear her say "7 or 13 children" because there's nothing better than a big family!! family is everything and at her young age she must already realize all the great times she has with all her aunties, uncles, cousin and the rest of us, too! love it!!

and i am just a little jealous of your retro camera app thingy. and i can't wait till your new lens comes, because you know i'm gonna be standing in line waiting to use it! haha!

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