Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Food...

Jon and I both love making baby food...to the point where we argue about who is going to make it! I think for Jon it is the fun of using the grinder...for me it is the good feeling I get knowing I am making healthy food for little one to eat. Being that we have celiac disease, dairy and nut allergies I am extremely passionate about the food we consume...I pay very close attention to our food...we do our best to make sure we eat healthy diets. I find it interesting that Elsie is already very in-tune to her body and knows on her own what she should and should not eat, what makes her feel icky and just not quite right. I hope James will be the same way. To give James a jump-start on his healthy diet we make baby food! Last week we were out of town for a few days so I did break down and buy some baby food...one word...Yuck! I bought James the 3rd foods thinking they would be a chunkier for him but it still ran off the spoon...not to mention the tasteless-ness of the food! I could not bring myself to buy him any veggies...who wants to eat brownish peas!?
Last week Elsie and I pealed carrots, sliced them up and steamed them...then we used our nifty little grinder to mash them all up...and froze them all in ice-cube trays. Now when the little guy is ready for dinner we can just take a cube or two out and warm it up in a little pan. Perfect and easy...and it makes me feel so good to serve him a healthy meal!
We have Peas, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes all frozen and waiting!

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