Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sink Bath...

This blog just keeps getting quieter and 
I mostly use Instagram as our
life journal now...
because its far easier!
It seems my evenings have been filled with 
crafting of some sort rather than blogging.
This winter has been a very tough one...
the beginning of winter we exclusively 
stayed home due to Elsie's concussion...
Now for the last several weeks we have 
been forced to stay home due to my 
back issues...
So sometimes we have shake things up a bit at home
or we go a little crazy...
which explains the sink bathes!
bathing the baby in the sink is way easier on my back 
and its something new so it 
keeps them very occupied!
Now Angelina knows that if she smears enough food in her hair,
she will get a little bath...
so I'm sure you can only imagine how often she 
she does that!
Side note:
Please excuse the very dirty cabinets...
our house has been off the market all winter...
so I've been enjoying not having to keep it 
ready for showings at a moments notice!

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