Monday, April 7, 2014


We have been filling our afternoons
with a little baking lately!
We have been Gluten, dairy and nut free for several years.
But about a year ago,
I began having some more belly issues with 
bloating and belly aches.
So I taught myself a little self-Kinesiology
to help better understand what the issue was.
Long story short,
We are now staying away from
Corn, Cinnamon and Eggs.
We simply use ground flax for eggs,
nutmeg for cinnamon and 
arrowroot for some corn products.
We have also switched to coconut oil
rather than butter because of the nutrition.
Staying away from corn aslo means no 
xantham gum and making our own
baking powder!
So, we have been experimenting while baking!
These pictures were taken during our last 
baking day with "normal" ingredients...
also the day I got quite ill from the baking and 
discovered all the ingredients that have 
corn in them!
Live and learn!
My kids hear me moving the kitchen-aid 
to our baking spot,
and they coming running with aprons in hand...
they are quite the little cooks and bakers!
Love making fun memories 
of baking together...

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