Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Phone Girl

This girl is quite the little character.
Love seeing her little personality develop and 
shine through a little more each day.
She thinks everything is funny...
she always has a smile that lights up
her whole face...
and a little giggle that can be heard a room
or two away.
One of her favorite things to do is hide from us 
by crawling up on the bed 
and nestling way back in all the pillows
on the bed...
she blends in quite well...
sometimes if it wasn't for her little giggle,
I would keep on looking else where for her!
Chances are,
if she is hiding,
it's because she stole my phone.
She truly thinks that phone is hers!
She knows just what buttons to push to 
make the phone turn on
or make Siri talk to her...
it really is amazing to me...
she is only one and a half, for gosh sakes!
As soon as the phone rings or makes 
a notification sound,
she looks up with big eyes and says,
and insists you must take the phone!
What I find even more amazing,
is she never ever hands the wrong person the phone...
she even knows my sisters boyfriend's phone...
and everyone in the family has the same type 
of iPhone!
Most of the time when she has my phone,
she requests music...
so we turn Pandora on for her...
her favorite is
Selina Gomez station.
If Taylor Swift comes on,
she shoves the phone at me and whines
until we skip to the next song!
This girl knows what she likes!
And then she dances for awhile...
If she is sitting, 
she just wiggles her upper body and 
moves her hands around over her head...
I have seriously never seen a baby 
move the way she does!
And when she is done listening to the music,
its back to hiding among the pillows!
Love that girl...

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