Thursday, April 10, 2014

Craft Wall

I have slowly been working on 
re-decorating the house.
I have always been drawn to the 
more country/cozy look
with the deep red, black and yellow.
But suddenly that just seemed too dark 
and just didn't fit our family anymore...
so we {ahem, Jon}
painted every room in the house,
So open, so clean, so fresh...
I am totally in love with white!
I am pretty much just using black as an accent colour...
and keeping things simple and stream line.
Our only wall decor consists of 
black boards or 
children's artwork.
My favorite spot in the house is the 
Craft Wall.
We have a huge cork board that 
takes up most of a wall in the living room...
and the whole thing is covered in
the kids art work!
Soon we will be putting our house on the market
again with hopes of it selling this summer...
but part of me will be so sad to leave
our perfect little house!

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