Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm going way back to 
just because I want to document this in 
our Life Journal.
Every year Ted and Ceara host 
Thanksgiving at their house.
And its always a fun time!
This year Grandma B and Patrick were supposed to come,
but couldn't at the last minute...
but Patrick still took all the guys 
grouse hunting...
sounded like they had fun!

Every year we are on 
Pie Duty!
The kids and I mix up a double 
batch of homemade pie crust.
We use Grandma B's recipe...
with lard!
{the only time of the year we use lard!}
We make Apple, Pumpkin, blueberry and Strawberry.
The kind we don't make is the 
we don't do anything with nuts...
so we make the crust for that pie and 
have someone else make that one!

Ceara assured me she loved
Hummus so much that we should get it from Costco... 
She was slightly surprised by the size when 
I brought it in the house!

Ceara loves Thanksgiving...
but not the traditional thanksgiving meal...
besides the normal fixings,
this years specialty was 
Corn Chowder and Fried Pickles!
Both were very yummy and
with any luck will be served again next year!

Wearing the traditional 
Thanksgiving Bib.
I made that bib for Elsie when she was Angelina's age...
and all 3 of the kids wore it for their 2nd Thanksgivings...
love those special little things like that!
This year my Grandparents were able to
join us for dinner too!
Because this year was such a small group of people
for Dinner,
we all went bowling for a little added fun!
The bowling alley had a little arcade,
and good grief,
we spent a small fortune there!
That was James first experience with an arcade,
and he is quite hooked now!

I never bowl anymore due to my back...
just watch.
This time was so fun and relaxing to watch because 
baby was sleeping the whole time!
We stayed up late.
We love having a good time as a big ol family!
Then we went home and planned our big 
black Friday shopping adventure.
Then we cancelled it all and just shopped online 
and stayed in our pjs till noon!
Then we went to the Fish House parade...
then decorated for Christmas...
then kept an eye on Marissa and Emma while 
Grammie brought Papa Wayne to the ER
for stitches on his finger...
{he got it cut with the chain saw}
Then we ate left over pie and watched 
Elf by the light of the Christmas tree!
After all Thanksgiving is the kickoff
to the Christmas season!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good time! I love the holiday season and spending time with family. And that kitchen looks amazing!

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