Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not a Baby Anymore!

Lately baby seems to be in a big rush to grow up!
She watches the kids and tries to be 
like them!
Lately she has been whining because she wants to sit on a
stool next to the counter like the kids!
Clearly she missed the memo on
staying my little baby forever!
She is at a fun age now though.
She loves to wear crowns,
lots of sparkly necklaces and bracelets,brushing her own hair.
she loves her baby doll and 
giving her babies bottles.
And she loves to play cars with her brother!
These past 2 weeks though,
have been a nightmare with her...
she is working on her eye teeth...
and good heavens they have altered her personality 
like no other...
she has major
"throw yourself on the floor and scream fits"
and she hits and throws.
Not an ideal personality!
With any luck these eye teeth will
pop through soon and our 
sweet natured little girl will return!

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