Monday, August 19, 2013

Red, White and Blue Overload...

Over a month after the fact,
but hey,
at least I am posting
4th of July pictures!
And a ridiculous amount at that!
And just think...
these are just the
"pre-festivities" pictures...
so I'm sure you will eagerly be awaiting
more posts about the remainder of our
4th of July/Birthday party pictures...
I love holidays.
And I love dressing my kids up in
ridiculous {but very adorable}
holiday outfits.
{I may or may not already to
working on Christmas attire!}
This year I made the girls little matching skirts
for the 4th.
And little sequined headbands.
I thought they looked so darn cute.
Baby was less than thrilled with her
She hates anything on her head!

We are never, ever on top of things for the fourth.
Like we are still running around getting 
dressed and people are 
already coming to the house!
But this year the kids were SO excited...
we all got up early and got ready so fast 
that we had nothing at all
to do for a good hour before people started coming!
So we had time for a little photo shoot.
The kids were thrilled.

I think I've got the cutest girls around!
Elsie was a little afraid maybe she looked 
too blah 
because I didn't let her wear gobs of eye shadow.
I think she had plenty of sparkle about her!

I love that whenever it is an
event of some kind,
James not only wants his hair spiked,
but he also wants some 
red hair dye gel in it!
The boy has style.
Except on those days when he wears orange from head to toe,
or work boots, tall socks and shorts!

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