Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I try to do my best to 
remember how short and sweet this 
time of childhood is...
to relax more and just enjoy and 
simply to Be.
be happy,
be contented,
be focused,
be present.
Sometimes its too easy to let the 
little frustrations and chaos that 
arises each day
to be my focus.
Sometimes I need to remind myself that 
reading one more story is 
more important than 
dusting or washing a window.
My babies are growing quickly...
I need to 
cherish this time.
Its up to me what kind
of warm-fuzzies 
my children will have to look back at.
"If you are in the process of raising children,
be aware that the tiny fingerprints
that show up on almost every newly 
cleaned surface,
the toys scattered throughout the house,
the piles of laundry to be tackled
will disappear all too soon
and that you will
~to your surprise~
miss them profoundly."
                                             ~President Thomas S. Monson

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