Thursday, July 25, 2013

9 months old...

This girl is growing up so fast...
I need to figure out how to make her slow down a bit!
She is now 18lbs 13oz!
and 28" long!
She is one tall girl!
Angelina has been pulling herself up on
for a long time now...
but just reticently she has been letting go 
and standing all on her own!
And now she has even been trying to take some steps!!
She falls right away though...
and I'm just fine with that!
While Angelina might be a quiet and contented little thing,
she is fast and curious!
Sometimes I put her in the middle of the floor,
turn my back for 
and shes gone!
She loves to play in Elsie's room...
because she isn't supposed to be in there due to 
little objects being down low!
Her other new place to play is in the baggie drawer!
She screams and cries because she cant quite 
open the drawer up by herself...
then out of pure frustration,
she manages to open it just enough for her to
squeeze her hand in an grab out a fistful of baggies!
She just might turn out to be a busy 
little thing,
like her brother!
Lord help me!
We love our busy little
{as James affectionately calls her!}
Perfect little girl...

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