Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Never Too Young...

Sometimes my kids get a little too wild.
That's a lie.
My kids are always wild...
sometimes to calm them down I give them
little jobs to do.
Sometimes it is little jobs like
washing off the table,
dusting the living room,
sweeping the kitchen...
and sometimes it a fun job like
vacuuming the floors!
All by themselves they pulled
all the chairs out
and started vacuuming under the table!
They took turns vacuuming...
and the one waiting got to lay on the table
and dangle their feet {or body}
while the one with the vacuum
pretended to
'get' the one on the table!
All I know,
is the kids were not fighting or running around wild...
all I hear was
Laughter...lots and lots of laughter!
Who knew cleaning could be so fun!?

1 comment:

carla said...

awww, i love this post! so sweet --- and so true, too! it reminds me soo much of your siblings & you when you all were little kids! yep, get those kids 'working' and allow them to have fun while doing it - you'll never regret it!

good job!

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