Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Boy and Me...

James wears me out.
I truly didn't know it possible to
be wore out by
a two year old.
He is a busy, buys boy.
And he is 2.
Enough said, right there!
 He might wear me out,
but somehow he melts my heart
every day.
 What I love the most about James
is his complete Zest for life!
Every little things is met
with a
'woo whoo'
and a hand clap.
Little things like getting a cup of milk
or driving past Christmas lights
is a huge and
completely fabulous event in his eyes!
 Love my boy...
He is pretty perfect...


Cate said...

motherhood is so wonderful and so so exhausting!! you look great mama...your photo shoot is perfect!

Boni Lady said...

Great {embrace} pics with a super cute rambunctious boy!!

Anonymous said...

just like I was reading about my daughter! Everything is "wo-ho"!
those pictures speak more than words!

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