Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Resting in Bed all Day...

The idea of being on bedrest sound perfectly lovely...
I mean really, who wouldn't love lounging in bed all day?
Well, let me tell you,
it is anything but lovely!
Especially when your kids come at you looking like this:
The kids see me, just laying there, and think,
"hey a human jungle gym!"
being climbed on is not ideal when contracting on a regular basis!
We pass out time with
reading stories
tickle wars
playing little cars
and our favorite...

When this little guy comes up on the bed
I truly get scared!
He is wild and crazy
and has no idea when he is truly hurting me!
So sometimes I have to resort to
eating little fingers!
But, all to often it backfires with a
kick on the noggin!
But, they always make up for the kicks with
lots of lovin'...
They both love to give me big slobbery kisses.
which I love,
but it does something awful to my makeup!
Needless to say whenever Jon announces he is going to bring the kids to the park,
I don't complain one bit!
As much as I complain about bedrest though,
it isn't all bad.
I am forced to slow down,
and enjoy the little things a little more.
In all honestly, I usually keep myself pretty busy with household
things and hobbies
and all too often I don't take the time to just
play with the kids like nothing else matters...
so maybe bedrest isn't all that bad...

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