Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mr. Hawthorne

My little Mr. James Hawthorne...
He is one of a kind
He is exasperating
He is so darn cute
He does and says the most funniest things ever
He makes me want to scream at least once a day
out of pure frustration...
James truly is a cool boy.
He keeps everyone laughing for sure!
But, oh my, he is work!
This week at 8am he wanted breakfast, and wanted it right now...
So being the super independent child he is,
he decided to get it himself...
dropping the entire stack of plates out of the pantry door in the process...
which resulted in almost an entire stack of plates shattered on the floor!
{sorry mom!}
We now owe my mom a big stack of plates!
Some people think I have made James a bit of a "girly boy"
and he does love his "man accessories" of a bow tie and suspenders.
He also love lipstick
and his hair jelled in the perfect spiked up hair style
He also love guns
and his hunting shirt
and 4-wheelers.
His favorite magazines are Dirt Bike ones
He love to jump, climb and be filthy dirty.
He loves to gross people out with stinky feet, boogers and
tossing worms at them!
One day he found a dead chipmunk and wouldn't leave the poor thing alone
He insisted on poking it with sticks
and finally picking it up and scarring people with it!
{at least he kept that one outside!}
James favorite phrase is
"Ha Ha"
and he knows just when to use it to make people laugh!
One of his other favorites is still
"Nitro" {meaning Nitro Circus}
He will perform a little stunt of jumping off the end table
{or attempting the counter!}
and he will yell "Nitro"
as he jumps!
I think he really thinks he is jumping out of an airplane or some other scary thing!
James is also a defiant little guy.
Time out is a well used spot.
As are little swats.
Last weekend James got into big trouble...
during dinner he got upset because Daddy dared to help him put more beans on his plate
So James picked his plate up and dumped
all the food on the floor!
He got into big time trouble.
The next day for every meal he made sure to
tell Elsie
"no, no, no dump"
So helpful to his sister, I am sure!
I love James zest for Life
I love his fun spirit
I love his laughter
I hope he never looses his spunk and spirit!

1 comment:

carla said...

james is absolutely, 100% ALL boy! he's a very cool kid - yes, a little stinker a lot of the time - but he's gonna be just fine and don't let anyone tell you any differently. {after raisin nine kids, i know what im talkin about!} :)

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