Tuesday, July 31, 2012

26 Week Bump...

My not-so-little 26 week baby bump! It's hard to believe that in 13 weeks {or less} little Angelina will be here!
 Angelina is a super active little baby...I find it fun to watch my whole belly move when she gives those big ol' kicks...Elsie has even been able to feel her kick...James has tried to feel her kicks,  but he gets a bit impatient!
 After we say bedtime prayers, both the kids have to pull my shirt up and take turns giving Angelina a kiss and making the sign of the cross and say, "God be with you, God bless you!" Makes my heart happy! Both kids love their new sister so much already...so sweet!
 I think we are now all ready for the baby...we have the fancy pink carseat cover on the carseat, the closet full of more than enough pink clothes, shoes and big flowered hairbows...and we even bought little tiny newborn diapers. We practise co-sleeping, so we aren't going to set a crib up this time around...we did with the other 2 and never used it! We just need to take the little swing and moses basket out of the attic. With Elsie we had a ton of baby "stuff" and used hardly any of it...same story with James...this time we are smarter and know less is more. Babies just need arms to hold and cuddle them!
 After much debating {on Jon's part!} we finally have a middle name...Angelina Viviana! It was a toss up between Bronte and Viviana. Jon chose her name. {okay, from a list of names I selected!} Jon knows is drives me bonkers to not have a name way, way in advance {I already have names for our next couple kids all picked out!} so he likes to drag his feet. He didn't pick out Elsie's middle name until we were in the delivery room, so 3 months in advance is a huge improvement! I love the name he chose...I was secretly hoping he would pick Viviana...and so was Elsie!
 I have to say, I think this pregnancy is going very well, I was already on strict bedrest with medicine at this point with Elsie and James...so far so good this time! Not to say my lovely uterus has figured thing out! I still contract on a regular basis...strong and painful contractions, too! And the pressure still makes me want to pee my pants! I am going to the Dr every 2 weeks now being that I am labeled as a "high risk pregnancy"...I just saw the dr today, had another ultrasound and another fetal fibronectin test. The test was negative, so that is a super good sign! The ultrasound was also good, some changes have been made, but not enough to warrant the dire need for medicine!(Trying to avoid that altogether this time!} The dr. did tell me I need to be on bedrest though, so my days of shopping are over for now! You can tell we live in a small town, Elsie and I snuck away to the grocery store and ran into my Dr there...she reminded me that I had just been put on bedrest and grocery shopping didn't fall into the category of bedrest. Oops...next time I will have scan the parking lot better! 
13 weeks left...we can't wait...Jon keeps saying just 9 weeks...time will tell...I just know we are all quite anxious to hold little Angelina Viviana in our arms!

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