Friday, June 1, 2012

A Swing for Two...

I have mentioned before that due to my irritable uterus issues, we have been staying with my parents during the week while Jon is out of town. My kids love being here...and it's no wonder they love it here...sometimes it is a bit like a wild, mad house! I truly never knew that 4 kids could get as wild as the aunties, Elsie and James can get! Makes me want to take back my grand hopes of 5 kids!!
The kids all have great and wild imaginations...what one doesn't think of, one of the others will! They are rarely without a plan of some kind brewing in their minds. Their new favorite thing lately has been the swing that is hanging between the dining room and living room...they can get that swing going like crazy...they like to try to touch the ceiling with their feet! {Like any responsible mother though, my mom has tried to put a stop to now the kids just wait until she is out of the room!}

Emma and Elsie are more like sisters than auntie and niece...and they fight every bit as well as sisters sometimes do! My mom assures me that sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away from them when they are fighting...because they have to learn to work out their own problems. I guess these pictures prove that, one again, my mom is correct!{I guess raising 9 kids she must know a thing or two!} Elsie and Emma are always fighting over whose turn it is to swing, who got a longer turn, who touched the swing first therefore making the swing "theirs"...and I see they came up with a good solution to the problem all by themselves...share the swing!
Who would have guessed that 2 could have so much fun on a swing made for 1!? Today I heard them scheming ways to fit 3 on the swing...for their sake {and my dad's} I sure do home that support beam the swing is hanging from is a mighty strong one!!

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