Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Gathering...

A week later and I am finally getting around to posting the pix of the little party after Lisa's confirmation...I do not have a very good internet connection at my parents house so my posts are far and few between!
Anyhow...right after the Church service ended James woke up from his nap...he was really not feeling so good, wouldn't take his medicine and wasn't too interested in eating or when he spied the cupcakes and wanted to eat one, we gladly gave him one! Sometimes there are perks to being eating cupcakes when everyone else is told they must eat their lunch first!
It always looks like there is a party going on at my many cars in the driveway!
A full house...with lots of little Children at the table. My parents are in need of a HUGE table...for now people eat in the dining room, kitchen and living room...and who knows where else!
After dinner all the "younger guys" went downstaris to play some pool...while all the others stayed upstairs and let the Children entertain them...they entertained us quite well! Yes, I am well aware of the fact that my son has a gun longer than he is...and that he is about to wack his cousin with it...sometimes I give up!
Love this picture...all the people...all the chaos...all the memories being made...
When we all get together babies get passed from person to person...if a kid needs to be washed up from dinner or needs a helping hand whoever is closest jumps up to do it...I love that about our family...we all blend well together!
Lydia is the youngest grandbaby...out of 7 grandchildren there are now 2 girls! Lydia got her fair share of passing around from person to person...though I would have been happy to just keep her and not pass her to the next pair of waiting arms!
Another passing of the babies picture...James calles all small children a even though he and Levi are only about 9mo apart he is still a baby to him!
A very fun and happy {and loud} family gathering! Next big family gathering will be a Wedding!!

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