Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Friday already...this week flew by again...I think we have been running somewhere everyday this week and that makes for a whirlwind week! I vow to make today a stay-at-home-all-day kind of catch up on all the fun stuff like laundry!
1. James was playing with the mop and Elsie grabbed the phone to take some pictures of her brother...I didn't even know she knew how to find the camera app on my new phone!
 2. The kids still find great enjoyment in playing with the New Years hats...
 3. My bags from 31 came!! I am just slightly in love with them...the large utility tote is my the pink name on the bag adds to the fun and ensures that my sisters who are coveting the bag won't be stealing it anytime soon!
 4. My kids love it when I announce we have to go to the's the only store in town with little shopping carts! We fill the little carts up and head to the counter...where a certain little man bursts into tears every time because the cart must stay!
 5. I love the way kids sleep. We have been transitioning the kids out of our far we have made it on the floor beside our steps, ya know! Love that these two must sleep next to each other...if James wakes up and is not in bed with his sister he freaks out just a little!
 6. On Monday James and I went on a day long shopping spree with my mom and sister...which meant we had to clean up the single stroller that had been sitting in the garage un-used for months! The kids had a blast playing with that stroller...I need to remember that for when winter gets too long and wild kids are driving me bonkers!
 7. Love this picture...the little window on the stroller is meant for parents to see the children...but James likes to pull the visor way down and use it like his own personal little window!
I am linking up with Life Rearranged sure to check out all the other fun phone pictures!
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