Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Notes...

A few weeks ago Elsie and I made some fun little Love Notes tags for Jon for Valentines day. I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it looked so fun! Our plan was to hide each of the little gifts in his suitcase since we has going to be out of town for Valentines Day. But, plans changed and he was able to be home! James and Elsie still hid the gifts though...just because they thought Daddy would have so much fun looking for them!
 Jon is supposed to be on a dairy free diet too...but he has a "thing" for we spoiled him and bought him some chocolate!

 We tied ribbons around all the little gifts to hold the tags in place...they look pretty festive! Jon thought all the tags were pretty neat...he was rather disappointed when I told him I found the idea on Pinterest...he thought I came up with it myself...sorry to burst your bubble, Jon...but I am not that creative!!

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