Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Elsie is at a fun age....she is figuring things out and discovering things in a whole new way...a more "big girl" kind of way. She is growing up and changing so fast! Lately she has been into "spirments" {as she calls it!}

She takes food things out of the pantry and mixes them together with a little water...and pours them back and fourth between containers. I remember doing food experiments when I was little too...So much fun! The baby food grinder was always a big hit when I was little...I remember one time trying to grind up chicken didn't work...but my mom still let me try...and I am sure I made a huge mess in the process of discovering that chicken skin is just too tough to grind up into baby food! I try to be a good mom like that...let my children make messes and figure things out for themselves...nothing is quite as good as hands-on discovery and learning!
Elsie always adds a little baking soda, cornstarch, salt and pepper, rice flour...sometimes a few stuff. Keeps her imagination going wild...I think she pretends she is really cooking something great...only her brother is willing to taste her good cookin' though!

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