Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner Time...

It is always a fun thing for the kids to decide where we are going to eat...when Daddy is home they know we all eat at the dining room table...but on weekdays we often eat at the little table or the kitchen counter. James favorite place is the little table. He does a good job of staying sitting while eating...for the most part! Sometimes James gets a little overly helpful while we are eating...if he hears anyone say something like, "I need a napkin"...he jumps up and runs to get it! I love that he is so willing to help out...but sometimes he is just a little overly helpful!
James has become a pro at swiping food of everyones plates...if he sees something he wants he simply takes it. We are working on correcting that bad habit...not that it is terribly annoying or anything!
One of my new years resolutions was to start praying a meal time prayer with the kids...but I have failed miserably! I blame it on the kids being sick and not really having much of a routine since the beginning of January. So, just maybe, now that the kids are feeling better we can stick to our new year's resolution!

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