Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

My blog has been pretty quite the last few days...Jon has been home since last Wednesday...so we have been soaking up as much family time as possible! He has been gone doing 2 and 3 week tours...so when we have the opportunity for family time, we take advantage of that!
We did the same thing we do every year for Thanksgiving...I love that about Holidays...the same traditions...when they get messed up it feel wrong all year! Anyhow, we enjoyed a lovely meal with all the fixins' at my parents house. Elsie made all the place-cards this year...we saved toilet paper rolls for a month so we would have enough to make little turkeys for everyone! Elsie got a little creative with some of the turkeys...she gave them hair, bangs, eyebrows, ears...she is creative!
 The 3 little girls all in a row on the bench...
 Jon was getting annoyed with my mom and I for taking pictures while we were eating...he appreciates photography so long as it doesn't interfere with eating, I guess!
 James enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal...his favorites were the Sweet Potato Apple bake and the homemade baked beans. He had seconds of both!
 My Thanksgiving plate...it was yummy! Maybe I went back for seconds of some of it...okay I even had thirds of the potatoes and gravy...because I am a pig like that! Actually I don't know what my mom did to the gravy, but it was amazing...and I don't even like gravy! The stuffing was all gluten free made from Udi bread...it was a little crumbly...but the flavor was delicious...I had seconds of that too!
 After dinner, we looked at the Black Friday Sale ads and mapped out or plan of attack...in the end we slept in and just Jon went in to town later to pick up all the things we couldn't live without...like the bright purple skinny jeans for me!
 Anyhow, after that we enjoyed some home-made ice-cream and pie...made from scratch by me...pretty amazing tasting in my opinion! After the pie we went over to Becky's to visit for a bit. Jon's brother and his family were up...so the kids enjoyed playing together...
 For some reason the kids always enjoy playing in the bay window...I am sure someday they will all have warm fuzzy feelings and think of Grandma B. when they see a bay window!
We had a very happy Thanksgiving...we went to bed that night with a very full tummy and lots of warm fuzzy memories...

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