Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fish-House Parade...

The Day after Thanksgiving found us at the Fish-house parade again...same as every year! The kids are always so excited to go to the parade. My dad has always brought my siblings to the parade for many years...somehow I always managed to get out of going...but now that I have kids I have gone every year! Jon, on the other hand always gets out of going...he is either shopping the Black Friday sales or this year was his first!

 James fell asleep on the car ride to the parade...and he continued sleeping while we transferred him to the stroller...why do they never stay sleeping when you want them to or wake up when you want them to?!
 The parade starts out like all other parades...lots of military people and firetrucks...after that it is float after float with a fish-house/ ice-fishing theme. Some are quite comical...some throw out strange cans of tuna...other just throw out candy, much to the kid's delight!
 Our little group watching the parade...
 James finally woke up when the parade was about half over...just in time to see some big trucks...a happy little boy!
The fish-house parade...a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

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