Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

1. Chili for dinner!
 2. Gotta love those Elf hats! James wears that hat all the time...he even wore it to Grammie's house!
 3. We are having some issues with a little guy staying up too late when he has a nap...but I am not quite ready for him to stop naps! So last night we rocked...and watched a Gilmore Girls until he fell 10:30! {Elsie was a good girl and sleeping by 8!}
 4. Someone got to play with the Face Paint while James was napping! Elsie went crazy with the paint...she doesn't even look like herself!
 5. After Halloween I picked up plenty of Face Paint on the 70% off is a fun thing to have around on boring days!
 6. One of my projects...a fabric chandelier. I think it looks pretty neat...Elsie and my mom think it looks ridiculous! I think they are all the rage right now.
 7. This week I only found 1 picture of my clothes...I either have suddenly found some confidence to wear what I please, or I just stayed home this week and had no reason to worry about if my clothes looked okay or not.
 8. James drug his vintage highchair in the kitchen and pushed it up to the counter to eat his dinner! Don't know what gave him the idea to do this...but since he worked so hard at getting the chair in the kitchen, I let him eat there!
 9.Elsie and Auntie Emma, returning the Library books! Please note that Elsie is wearing her "Dugger's skirt"...she is slightly obsessed with that family and wants to be just like them...she even has all 18 of their names memorized!
 10. When your auntie and sister get to walk up to the Library return slot and leave you in the car, it is a heart-breaking kind of moment! All was better the minute they got back in the car!
 11. James loves to climb. I never know where I find him next! At least this time he was simply sitting on the stool...normally he just uses the stool at a climbing tool to get on top of the counter!
 12. Target Toy isle...need I say more? My children could spend hours there. James cried bloody murder when we finally had to leave! FYI this is my 11-11-11 at 11:11 picture! {did you wish?}
 13. I have a confession..or maybe a few! I hate folding laundry. So when Jon is gone on 2 week tours I don't fold it until the day before he comes home {ya know, so he thinks I am all "on top of things"!} This time he is gone on the 3 week imagine the laundry I had to fold this week!
 14. We are trying to get back into our once-a-week baking again now that winter is here. We make Oatmeal cookies, muffins and pizza dough and whatever else we might fancy! Elsie loves to help!-
15. Between folding laundry and baking we found plenty of time for crafting! We even made the kids some Thanksgiving indian feathers! We have been busy reading books about the First Thanksgiving...
 16. We have lots of Turkeys! We found this cute little kit of foam turkeys at Target for $3!
 17. We have now had our first snowfall! The kids woke up to find the ground covered in lovely white snow...they were outside before breakfast! The snow was all gone by the time afternoon came...and they were disappointed! More is on it's way this weekend!
So there is our week at a glance. It seems like I was a little phone camera happy this week...I think I tend to take more pictures when Jon is away so we can send them to him!
I am linking up with Life Rearranged again...

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Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment! Loved taking a peek at your week, too and I love the tunes on your blog....I turned mine off awhile ago, but want them back! ;-) That chili looks de-lish! Will definitely check back again! XO

The Morris Family said...

Hey!!!! Thanks for stopping by !!!!!

Looks like a great week over there at your place!!!!

Happy Fiday!!!!

Jen said...

Yay for face paint and SNOW!!!!
Such cutie pies.

Holly said...

I love the photo you took with the elf hats!

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