Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

1. We enjoyed a little painting yesterday...James only tried to eat the paint one time...I say that is serious progress!
 2. Elsie has become a very clean painter...she said she was painting scenery...
 3. For dinner one night Elsie sat in the high chair...with the tray on! James thought it was funny that his sister was sitting in the high chair!
 4. I am ashamed to admit that I got some fabric out and sewed a little leash for James...he won't sit in carts when we go shopping...and he enjoys hiding from me when he is not in a cart. So for his own safety I made a leash so I know where he is at! One day while I was bagging groceries I looked up just in time to see James headed out the main doors! Enough to freak me out and make a leash. Yesterday though I just left him at Grammie's house when I went to the grocery store!
 5. All dressed up for Halloween! We texted this picture to Daddy since he was working out of town.
 6. Halloween morning the kids and I went up to the local Dollar store and found these adorable pumpkin top it off they were blinky earrings!!
 7. When I asked if he had been eating markers he shook his head "no" with a very serious look on his face...something tells me he was not telling the truth!
 8. I am a very relaxed mother...and maybe I brought Elsie to the store wearing mis-match knee highs and light up twinkle toes shoes. She was happy and that was all that really mattered in my book!
 9. One night James found his sisters doll and insisted on sleeping with it...melt my heart.
 10. WILD kids! They were each wearing undies/diaper and a cape...and running through the house playing some crazy chasing game. They were laughing so hard they both got hiccups...which made them laugh even harder! I want to point out that it was after bed time and they were still that wild!
 11. Last weekend my sister Ceara kept an eye on my children so I could get some shopping done. I stopped at the Salvation Army and picked up this vintage print...perfect for the bathroom! and it was only $2.00!
 12. My score of the day was at outdoor rug for the deck. Brand new with tags still on from at 39.99...but my lucky day, green tags were 1/2 off!! I have wanted an outdoor run since we first moved to our excited!
 13. James found a ball-point pen and drew all over his pants! I was rather upset. These were some of my favorite jeans of his...the knees were just getting thin enough to start tearing...and I love baby jeans with a nice little hole in the knee!
 14. James is wearing one of Uncle Colter's old flannel shirts! I remember Colter wearing flannel shirts almost every day of his toddler it is so sweet to see my boy wearing one of Colter's old flannel shirts!
 15. Earlier this week I was laying on the couch having severe ovarian pain...since I couldn't get up the kids thought it was the perfect opportunity to dance on the end tables like a couple of wild children! Shortly after my sister, Lisa came and got them to settle down! What would I do without my sisters!?
So, there ya have it...a peak into our daily life via phone pictures! I am linking up with Life Rearranged again...

life rearranged

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Oksana @ Order Matters said...

Your kids are delish and those pumpkin earrings are adorable! Visiting you via insta-friday.

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