Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goin' Home...

While we were on our little vacation we visited a couple the misty rain, I might add! We had a little picnic one Elsie's request! We has grand plans to go the Zoo...but the misty rain kept us away. Next year. We went shopping...because if you drive a hour north of the farm you will find great shopping with almost every great store! We went to the Apple Orchard to get lots of apples to bring home and can. And we visited with Jon's grandma.  
I don't know what I was thinking...but I did not take a single picture while we were visiting Jon's Grandma! She lives in a little tiny apartment...filled to the brim with all her sewing and craft things. Not the most ideal place for very busy boy to most of our visit found Jon and I taking turns trying to keep James from destroying her apartment in 10 minutes flat!
Our last stop before arriving back at home was the Mall of America! Elsie has been talking about wanting to go the MOA for almost a year...and she was beyond excited when we told her where we were headed!
I think the mall was way larger than Elsie was expecting! We walked through all the rides...we found some kids rides and asked if she wanted to go on one...but she declined. Someday she will be ready...until then I don't mind her wanting to feel nice and safe with mommy and daddy!

The American Girl store was the place Elsie really, really wanted to go to. She does not have any American Girl dolls {and probably never will!} but she loves to drool over the catalogs! This store was like a magical place for little girls...I think Elsie could have spent a very long time in that store!
I will be honest...I love shopping...but the MOA really is a bit too big! It feels like you have to walk miles and miles and fight crowds of people just to get to the other side of the mall!
We told Elsie she could pick out whatever she wanted from the MOA gift store. She walked around the store for quite some time trying to decide between a little pink shot glass or a little vinyl purse. She finally picked the little purse...and postcard. {and a postcard for the aunties...because we can't forget about them!}
We live in a small this was the first time Elsie had ever been on an escalator. She was a pro! I still freeze for a minute before I jump on...and just walked on like she uses an escalator daily!
Every time Jon would bring the stroller on an escalator James would sit in complete silence just watching! It was very cute!
Elsie literally skipped her way through the mall...she was in a complete state of bliss! She kept saying, "I have waited my whole life to come here!" Mind you, she is only three!
The parking ramp was a new experience also...we live a sheltered life of 2 lane roads and parking wherever we please!

Next time we are headed to that store.

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