Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...{on Saturday}

Life gets crazy sometimes and things fall posting a Friday post on Saturday. Could be worse, right!? Truth be told this week has been one of those super "off" weeks...we haven't had a week like this in a long, long time. It is the kind of week where I stress out about every little thing...and the kids have one melt down after another. We went to a family wedding last weekend, and Elsie consumed a couple Kiddie Cocktails...and sugar, dyes and juice is just not her friend. It makes her have behavioral issues for several days until all the junk is out of her system. So...I am happy to report that after a week of issues...she is back to normal! Next week is gonna be a better week. We have lots of projects and plans to keep us busy! While having a bad week is no fun while we are in the middle of it...I keep reminding myself that it will pass...and next week will be better. {and next time we know no Kiddie Cocktails will be consumed!} Anyhow...on with the Friday Phone Dump...
1. James can be found standing on the bench in the kitchen looking out the window...he loves to watch the squirrels!
2. Lunch on the "special glass plates"~ homemade pizza, beans and shoes string potatoes...such a healthy lunch for someone already having food issues!
3. This week my project was to put all my old Africa pictures in a photo book. I went to Sierra Leone on a mission trip in 2004...I had a bad reaction to the shots and medicine I had to take and got severely depressed for a long time after coming I packed the pictures away in a box. Last week while cleaning the attic we found the box again so I figured it was time to give them a book! Feels good to get them in a book...even if the sad pictures of the starving babies cannot go in the book yet. I guess I am not quite ready to have those out. Maybe someday...but maybe not.
4. Elsie loves looking at the photo book...She loves Africa and still often prays that someday we can adopt a baby from Ethiopia.
5. This week while reading the Elsie Larson blog we found a tutorial for making a bow in your hair. I showed the tutorial to Elsie and she wanted me to try it out right away! Love that she loves girly things!
6. My husband is the kind of guy who believes you should only buy clothes if your other ones are completely wore out...therefor he rarely has any nice clothes! So...on our way to my cousins wedding last weekend we had to make a stop at JcPenny so Jon could buy a new outfit...nothing like waiting for the last minute!
7. I made Jon try on several pairs of pants {and he had a little fit!} so while he was trying on clothes the kids played in the big mirror. They had fun...and burned off a little energy before getting to the wedding!
8. Jon and James at the wedding. I have lots more pictures from the wedding I will be posting at some was a fun night!
9. My girl...we curled her hair...and she said she felt just like Taylor Swift!
10. James can do a pretty awesome smile when asked! Love watching his sense of humor develop and change. And love his spiky hair...we even put some bright red tinted gel at the tips for the wedding!
11. James has been into colouring with markers every day...several times a day. He is getting good with colouring on paper...but he still eats the tips off far too often. When I see markers all across his face and lips and I ask if he was eating markers, he always shakes his head no with a very serious expression. I am not sure if I believe him or not!!
12. James and Daddy taking a little nap in the new rocking chair...

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