Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

1. Fall is quickly on it's way...we are noticing more and more changing leaves!
 2. James and Mommy~ trying to stay nice and cozy at the campfire we had last weekend.
 3. James waiting patiently for Daddy to cook a hotdog in the campfire. Nothing better than a fun family evening around the campfire... 
 4. Elsie had to wear her new dress coat, sparkly dress, striped leg warmers and furry dress up shoes out to the campfire! I never get tired of Elsie's cool style!
 5. I took the kids shopping for new clothes in the town a couple hours away...I was silly enough to buy the kids each a giant sucker to eat on the way home! Lets just say that James was one big sticky was the carseat! When he woke up from his little nap he went right back to eating the sucker.
 6. On the car ride home. Shopping went good with the kids...we only hit a couple stores, but managed to come home with enough fall and winter clothes to keep my babies well dressed for a long time!
 7. We went to the Once Upon a Child store...the kids had a blast playing with all the toys!
 8. Water and candy...if we have those two things for a car ride, we are set!
 9. Love the look of the Target bathrooms...all white. It is the ideal bathroom really.
 10. On Friday evening my mom and I went with Ceara to go Wedding Dress shopping! This is the 4th wedding in our family...and the 4th wedding dress we have bought from David's Bridal...must be the place to shop! 
 11. Ceara found a dress...a perfect looks lovely on her. {it is not the one pictured because her groom doesn't want to see it until the day of their wedding!}
 12. As a joke I pointed to a giant inflatable picture in the Menard's add and told Jon that we really needed one for our yard. {It was a joke~ I dislike those things almost as much as fiber-optic Christmas trees!} Anyways...the next day Jon went to town and came home with this lovely giant inflatable pumpkin! Thanks Jon...your yard looks complete!
 13. Elsie spent time this week working on her scrapbook. I love watching her create. I hope she never loses her creative spirit!
 14. This week I packed away the kitchen stool and pulled out this old bench from storage. I love changing things out every now and then. Now I need to get some fabric and attempt to make a little slipcover!
 15. My happy little guy! James crawls into his high chair when he gets hungry and climbs back down when he is full. He is quite the independent little guy!
 16. Another one of Elsie's projects. She is using Mod Podge to stick scraps of fabric to a canvas. She is giving it to Grandma B. for her birthday. Elsie has a very generous heart and loves to buy and make things for people.
 17. This week James has been a bit under the weather due to teething. He is getting the last of his molars. to help ease the pain we made a couple trips to the chiropractor. His favorite part of going to the Chiropractor is playing with the little basket of toys in the room...his least favorite part is when the doctor walks in the room!
 18. We have no cable, dish or even local channels at our house. We do have a tv...but only for movies. This week Elsie was thrilled to remember to that has lots of little shows to watch! She watched some shows, James napped and I finally cleaned and organized the pantry.
So there is our week in Phone Pictures. What a fabulous life, indeed! Now on to a busy weekend...

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