Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

This week I have been having trouble with my phone...and it is killing me! I had no idea how much I depend on that phone...I feel a little disconnected from the world when it is not working right. Thankfully a brand new phone is on it's way...fingers crossed it gets here really soon! While texting was not happening this week the camera portion worked just I have lots of pictures to share!
1. Marker cap fingers...always fun!

 2. Cereal always tastes so much better when served in a special bowl...try it and you will see!
 3. Bowling! In celebration of Marissa and Lisa's birthday's the whole family went bowling. Jon had to work out of we took lots of phone pictures to send to him!
 4. I love bowling shoes. So retro! One time Goodwill had an entire cart of old bowling shoes...I will forever kick myself for not buying a couple pairs...I really would wear them out and about because I really do think they are pretty cool! Maybe I am crazy...but that is okay!
 5. Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach...soaking up the last little bit of summer. Tonight there are frost warnings...things change pretty quickly in Minnesota!
 6. Pink sparkly nails...I try to paint my nails often because it makes me feel good. And my daughter is right, girls need sparkle!
 7. Grandma B. showed James how to dump over the flower pot with the crayons and drop the crayons through the little hole in the bottom...
 8. It was fun until someone decided to roll the pot across the table and it landed in a million little pieces on a chair! Looks like a new crayon jar is on the "to get list"!
 9. James is a good sport...he is still willing to wear whatever crazy outfit his sister finds for him! This was supposed to be his "party outfit" for the bowling party...who says plaid and stripes don't go together!?
 10. self-portrait of the kids and I. It was meant as a picture for my husband...and I am certain he loves me so much he doesn't even notice my puffy eyes, morning hair and no make-up!
 11. Did you know if your sister works at the Dairy Queen you can get a discount on all your food!?
 12. The one time we went in to see Lisa at work she was working the drive through! We got some good pictures of her wearing the little head set cool, lisa!
 13. Another "good morning" picture we sent to Jon...Elsie is not much of a morning if the hands over the face needed an explanation!
 14. Elsie and I bowling...Elsie was the cutest little bowler. She would tap her little foot and wait as the ball ever so s-l-o-w-l-e-y made its way down the alley! Only one time did her ball stop completely and someone had to get it! Gotta love bowling with kids!
 15. James has a little love affair going on with his tie. He wears it almost daily. Most days that is all he wears. Today he was wearing just the tie, a pair of purple socks and a pink sparkly bracelet. This boy has style...
 16. James was glued to the window one afternoon watching a front end loader across the street. James can rock a pink bracelet like no other...but give him a big truck to watch and the bracelet is forgotten!
 17. Ceara and Ted~ the middle of Main Street late at night. Gotta love small town living!
I am linking up with Life Rearanged again...check it out for links to lots of other great phone pictures!
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carla said...

i just love this new addition to your blog - the friday phone dump. very creative. love all the photos - and thanks for taking some pics of lisa working at the DQ as well as those funny ones of ceara & ted in the middle of the road that night- such fun memories. love james in his tie, too - he's such a jolly little guy and so full of personality.

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