Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday Phone Dump {on Monday}

This week things got a little crazy and I didn't have time to get a Friday post together...but it is now Sunday evening and the kids are better late than never, I guess! Got busy now it is a Monday evening post! 
1. Elsie attempted a sleep over by herself at grammie's...excitement built as she packed her little suit case. She stayed long enough to watch a movie and eat some popcorn...then she called and said she needed to come home! I was kinda happy my little girl still needed her mama to cuddle with! 
2. My 2 shopping angels...haha! Anything but angles on this trip! I had to take them outside while Jon finished the grocery shopping.
3. grocery cart full of food...we were heading out of town for the weekend and needed to stock up on some gluten free food!
4. The kids find it great fun to ride in the "car carts"...but this time James kept crawling out of the cart while I was walking along! Soon it became clear he was not going to he was forced to be held by daddy! Elsie decided she would try laying in the car with her feet sticking out one end...bad idea! We almost knocked over an entire food display...thankfully I noticed the feet just in time!
5. When were done with the grocery shopping we headed over to Menard's to check out the Halloween isles! James wanted to try on some of the masks...he even kept them on long enough to let me take some pictures! He is so funny!
6.Elsie got into trying on the masks too. When we went into the store Elsie had a pink flower hair bow in her hair...when we got out to the car we noticed it was missing! So...Daddy went back into the store and looked for it. He found it laying in the isle with the masks...I guess it must have fallen off when she tried a mask on! Good thing daddy is a good kind of daddy who doesn't mind going back in a store to find a missing pink flower!
7.Elsie enjoys decorating just like I do. But we have a few style difference...she uses duct tape, I use nails. She uses random pictures clipped out of a magazine, I use photos of my family. We both think our decorating is perfectly lovely!
8. This week we had fun re-organizing and decorating the hutch from Grandma B...this is a special hutch that Jon's parents bought with their wedding money...and now it is in our house to hold art supplies and special dishes. Love family heirloom things...
9.Jon's leg is almost fully all to soon he will be heading back to work. Jon is not the sort of guy to lay around...and the "honey do" list is almost completely done! I will say that I only put a few easy things on the list...Jon adds to the list daily!
10.This was on my list to do...but Jon surprised me and hung the little chalk board up on the end of the kitchen cabinet one evening while I was putting the kids to bed. Love those 3M sticky hooks!
11.Love this picture of Jon at the sand pit...
12.All the guys {and Auntie Laura} went down to the sand pit one James and I went with also. James loves to tag along with the guys!
13. Jon and James going for a little ride at the sand pit...
14.Love this...Elsie changing in the big picture window in the living room...the window that looks out to the road. When Elsie took her pajama pants off, her undies came down a little bit also...and her bare buns were squished up on the window...we laughed. Jon and I have the bad habit of forgetting we live in town now and un-dress in front of windows all the time...I guess our bad habits have rubbed off on Elsie! oops...sorry neighbors!

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