Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Garage...

My parents place is the hot spot...the gathering place. On weekends it is literally overflowing with people and action. All of the girls tend to gather in the house...mainly in the dining room and kitchen. All the guys gather in the garage. They are usually helping one another out on one project on another. Even though James is just a year old he loves to be with the guys!
James has become Jon's little shadow lately...James is always just a few steps behind daddy...and it is so cute...it melts my heart. And Jon loves every minute of it!

James loves to sit in the garage...he will just look around at everything in awe. Then he goes and climbs on the 4-wheelers and the lawn mower that are all parked in the garage. On weekdays, when Jon is at work, papa Wayne loves to bring James out the garage with him and show him all the tools and things hanging on the walls.

On this particular day everyone was huddled in the garage working on Laura's pick-up. I think they were teaching her how to change the brake pads...but I could be all wrong because that sort of thing is not my cup of tea!

Papa Wayne and James...no doubt papa Wayne was repeating over and over again to James, "Chevy good, Ford bad, Chevy good, Ford bad..." not that Papa Wayne is at all opinated and trying to get that to rub off of the grandchildren now that it is ingrained quite well in his children's heads!

A little man...doing his best to keep up with the guys. So adorable...

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