Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Water Fun...

Last week we discovered that James is quite the little water bug...and not good at following directions! Lisa and I kept trying to hold James hand and walk along the path around the lake...but James did his best to walk where he wanted and explore whatever caught his eye! James was fascinated with the the sculptures...and just was not happy until he was able to walk to them!
Then he saw all all the big rocks by the waters edge! He was not happy until Lisa finally plopped him down on one of the rocks...

At one end of the lake was a sandy beach area...James loved being able to walk right into the lake! The water was rather cold...but he didn't seem to mind one bit! James wanted to keep walking and splashing in the water...Lisa had to hold him back!

A fun little lake...the perfect place to enjoy the water and get nice and wet!

James kept walking a little further out...he seems to love the water...he is going to love going to the beach this summer...and the little pool!

Nothing stops this boy...we is quite an adventurer....and such a boy already!

By the time we left James was drenched...I think this summer this boy will be living in swim shorts!

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