Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Got Worms?

Last week my Brother was out collecting worms to go fishing with...and he thought that he would share his worms with James...James was fine to look at the worms...
...But when we let it crawl on his hand it was a totally different story! Just look at that poor guys face!

We soon discovered that James has the "Souhrada Gag reflex"...as that little worm crawled on his hand James made an increasingly terrible looking face...and soon we heard a giant gag! We quickly washed his hands and brought him in the other room! Now my brother is afraid that he will never be able to bring James fishing...I think (and hope!) James will quickly out grow his aversion to worms!

* *On another note...James also gags over shaving cream...one day the kids were playing with shaving cream in the tub and James kept saying, "ick, ick, ick..." over and over then would start gaging! I finally had to take him not only out of the tub, but out of the bathroom to calm him down! That said, he has no problem at all taking his poopie diaper off and wiping poop on a his sister's little chair! Kids are strange sometimes!

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