Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was not a huge success this year! We had the costumes and candy all ready...but then Elsie became sick with the flu...her first time of ever having the flu...yuck! She was terribly disappointed that she could not go trick-or-treating! By the time evening came she was feeling a little better and really, really wanted to she put her costume on and we went just to Grammie and Papa Wayne's house... (please ignore the fingerprints in the window...I do sometimes wash windows!)
I think we had the cutest Strawberry Shortcake and little Gorilla...
James costume was a bit to small on him...the buttons kept popping open down the legs! But he still looks so darn cute!

This is the only picture of Strawberry Shortcake I could take...I think Elsie was a bit too embarrassed to let me take any pictures...Our plan is to go Trick-or-Treating later this week to Grandma B's maybe then Elsie will let me take a good picture!

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