Monday, October 4, 2010


Elsie still quite the artist...super creative and slightly messy...she is to the point now that water colours just don't do at all...and she can reach the paints and open them up by least she always asks before just opening them up herself!
In Elsie's opinion brushes and fingers are over she just dumps the paint right on the paper...the paint was so thick that I eventually had to throw her art work away because it just wouldn't dry!
I love that Elsie is painting while wearing her good dress...What can I say, Jon and I practise relaxed parenting...I think it will make Elsie a more secure and creative person...children are only young once so live it stifled children around these parts! ( and, hey the paint was washable so no worries!)

Elsie painted one picture...played in the paint for awhile...painted her hands and arms...then ran to the bathroom to get washed the end she painted for only about 20 min...then it was on to the scissors and glue...I give up ever having a clean house!

1 comment:

carla said...

you're a good mom!

and elsie is going to be a little artist just like the rest of us! yay!!

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