Thursday, January 8, 2015

a Little Santa Magic

Santa...the magical man...
I hope Santa never looses his magic in my 
children's eyes!
Even Elsie is still truly mesmerized my Santa...
They know that Santa has many helpers
who pretend to be him...
but they also know that the 
True Santa and Mrs Claus
comes to the local bank a few days before 
Christmas every year.
This Santa is clearly the real deal...
The kids always get dressed in their 
fancy Christmas eve clothes and 
fix their hair all pretty and are on their 
very best behavior before going to the bank...
When we left the house, all three of the kids 
announced that were too scared to go sit on his lap...
Angelina was dramatically telling us that she would cry!
However, when we got to the bank,
all three of the kids marched right over to 
Santa and sat on his lap and 
told him what they wished for!
I was a little surprised...first year ever with no tears!
James stood in front of Santa and Mrs Claus talking their ear off for quite some time...
and clearly this is the real Santa because look at how 
intently they are listening to him!

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