Monday, August 4, 2014

Camping Day 3

Day3 of camping found us feeling rather adventurous...
so to climbed to the top the 
Mt Tom scenic outlook...
we left early in the morning before the heat of the
day was too overwhelming!

Thank goodness we carry a pocket knife 
in the diaper bag...
the kids each had to carve their names on the wood floor.
This is something I would typically not let them do,
but a few years earlier the aunties did it,
and Elsie thought it sounded so neat
that she begged to do it too.

After climbing Mt Tom,
we went to the interpretive center...
{which is a fancy way of saying museum!}
when we first got there,
Jon accidentally locked the keys in the car!
{this happens to him often and he wasn't too concerned!}
Thankfully I had my phone,
so I sent a mass text to everyone and asked them to 
bring a clothes hanger!

While we waited for the clothes hanger,
we took selfies
and toured the little museum.
Thankfully Daddy has lots of experience
with opening car doors with hangers
so we were able to carry on with our day in no time!
After getting back to the camp site,
we pretty much hung out at the beach all afternoon.
It was quite hot out,
so sitting by the beach was lovely!
There was a little gift shop right next door to the beach,
so we made a couple trips in there 
for Rock Candy on a stick!
We all tried out the kayaks!
All three of the kids loved kayaking!
And yes, I gave Jon heart-failure when I plopped Angelina in the 
kayak with me...
but she loved it and didn't want out!

The beach was so relaxing that some people
even took a little nap...

We do not pack light.
The stroller had no room for the kids even!
Everyone was in charge of their own meals...
but somehow everyone usually ate in the same place!

*find Margot!
Papa Wayne's hammock was the most 
coveted spot to lounge!

Elsie was bored and was being entertained by selfies!

For further entertainment, Elsie 
decided to do a little photo shoot of me...
and the flamingo!

Elsie has perfected the art of 
Crossed Eyes!
Freaks me out every single time!

Sparklers, campfire and glow sticks to end the evening!

Another great day Camping...

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