Friday, April 11, 2014

Boy at Play

Winter was too long and too cold this year...
and a certain little boy had 
far, far 
too much energy!
So one day we took a trip to the 
local Dollar Store and found some 
dried peas and lentils...
and this little guy
{and his sisters!}
played with the dried food
and little cars all 
Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my 
head around boy things...
when Elsie gets bored I tell her to 
pull out the craft stuff or the dolls or paint her nails...
and boys just don't get into stuff like that!
Boys need to keep busy...
they need to get wore out physically and mentally.
James loves to be building,
hauling, destroying...
he never just plays...
in his mind he is truly working,
doing big important man jobs!
He is an awesome boy...
I love the way his little brain works!

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