Thursday, January 30, 2014

St. Lucia Day!

Every year one the biggest 
highlights of the Christmas season,
is celebrating
St. Lucia day...
We celebrate with a big fancy 
breakfast in bed!
Elsie wears a white dress and a shiny crown 
on her head...
{she wants candles, but probably not for 
quite a few years yet!}
James was the
Star Boy..
but refused to wear the star boy hat...
and refused to let me take his picture at all! 
But he did help carry all the food into the
and did a perfect job!
This is my favorite part of 
the breakfast in bed!
We started this tradition of breakfast in bed when
Elsie was Angelina's age...
and she made just as big of a mess as 
Angelina did this year!
Such great memories...
Our "fancy" breakfast was 
buttered toast,
mandarin oranges,
and snowman peeps.
The kids loved the breakfast...
the buttered toast was their favorite since 
we never ever have toast!
And we ate it all on the fancy china plates 
with the china cups.
Such a great little holiday memory...

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