Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Outside Play...

I swear,
this winter has been the coldest winter ever!
We have had the very few days that have been 
above zero!
Yes, we do live in northern Minnesota,
but we typically only have a few 
super cold days...
not several in a row...
and by super cold I mean,
almost -30 for a high!
basically we have spent this winter inside keeping warm!
When we do have a rare day of 
being nice enough to go out and play,
we take advantage!
Angelina loves to be outside...
she can hardly contain herself and just 
smiles and babbles the whole time!
Jon was home for a whole week during 
and we had big plans to go sledding and
ice skating..
But, Elsie could hardly walk outside due to her 
hurting nose, dizzy spells and headaches!
We did have her go out for a little bit to get 
some fresh air and sunshine!
James could live outside if we let him!
As soon as it snows out a little,
he is begging to go out and 
shovel the sidewalk off!
His "job" this year is to
"help" papa Wayne with the snow plowing...
I guess he works the 
"blade" as he calls it,
and he takes the job pretty seriously!
Angelina is so easily entertained outside.
One day,
I simply stuck her in a pile of snow up to her waist...
and she squealed with delight and simply 
ate some snow!

As soon as the weather warms up
and Elsie's concussion/whip lash is better,
we have big plans for this winter...
some ice skating on the little rink 
daddy made in the yard 
and at Grandma B's house...
and some sledding on a couple different hills...
and tubing down the big ski hill
a few towns over...
big plans for this cold winter!

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